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biden, drugs, abortion, and ALL CAPS

I am hearing lots of complaints about Palin's positions on gay marriage and abortion. The first one I have a lot of trouble getting worked up about, as "should gay people be allowed to get married?" is not in my list of "top 100 crucial public policy issues". The second is indeed an unfortunate position.

HOWEVER, Joe Biden is SO BAD ON DRUGS. And while I'm sure I'm going to lose some LJ-friends for saying so, ANTI-DRUG LAWS ARE (MOSTLY) ISOMORPHIC TO ANTI-ABORTION LAWS. Both are attempts to criminalize voluntary transactions.

In fact, anti-abortion laws are marginally more defendable, as at least it's POSSIBLE to argue that there is a victim being looked out for. (Although it's not an argument that will go anywhere beyond angry shouting and offensive sign-waving.) Whereas when marijuana is grown and bought and sold, THERE ARE NO CONCEIVABLE VICTIMS. NONE.

Furthermore, the sheer scale of the "war on drugs", with its literally MILLIONS of victims, makes any possible "war on abortion" pale in comparison.

Just so I make myself clear, I will repeat. THE WAR ON DRUGS (of which Joe Biden is one of the largest supporters) represents INJUSTICE on a COLOSSAL SCALE. The sequence of events that would lead to a war on abortion characterized by similar levels of injustice is possible in theory (I guess) but AMAZINGLY far from the status quo.

THEREFORE, I must insist that whenever we critically discuss Palin's pro-life credentials and policies, we counterbalance them with an accounting of the MILLIONS OF LIVES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN OR ARE CURRENTLY BEING RUINED by Joe Biden's WAR ON DRUGS.

That is all.
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